PCB Start to End Solutions: From Design to Assembly

We provide comprehensive PCB solutions, guiding you from the initial design phase to the final assembly. Our commitment to excellence ensures that every step of the process is seamlessly integrated to deliver top-quality PCBs tailored to your exact specifications.

PCB Prototype

  • Quantity: 5-100 pcs

  • Quality Grade: Standard IPC 2

  • Lead time: 2-9 days

  • Material: FR4

Megabytes circuit Systems is the PCB manufacturer with fast reaction. We offer quick-turn PCB prototypes to turn your prototype boards around fast while still maintaining complete adherence to your design specifications.

It is recommended to use Standard PCB service when your design is ready to transform from prototype phase to production phase. We have handled hundreds of thousands of PCB projects, and covered almost all kinds of substrate materials including FR4, Aluminum, Rogers, etc.

  • Quantity: 1-100000 pcs

  • Quality Grade: Standard IPC 2

  • Lead time: 2 days- 5 weeks

  • Material: FR4

PCB Layout Design

  • Schematic Capture: We convert your circuit ideas into a detailed schematic diagram.

  • PCB Layout Design: We design the physical layout of the PCB, optimizing for performance, reliability, and manufacturability.

  • Design for Manufacturing (DFM): We ensure that your design is ready for efficient and cost-effective production.

  • Fabrication Files: We generate manufacturing files for you, like Gerber files.

  • Prototype Testing: We can assist with prototype testing to verify the functionality and performance of the design.

  • Production Run: We also provide PCB Manufacturing and Assembly Services for your production run.

Our Services

PCB Assembly

  • PCB Assembly with the Highest Quality and on-time delivery for surface mount, through hole and press-Fit technology.

  • Focus on Engineering prototypes, NPI, Rapid Prototyping, Low-mid Volume manufacturing with Quick turnaround time.

  • Supports Single-sided, Double-sided, Surface mount assembly and Through-hole PCBA Assembly

  • PCBA Assembly of surface mount and through hole components on Rigid, Flexible, and Flex-Rigid PCB's.

  • Meticulous PCB assembly services backed by highly skilled professionals and processes.

  • A comprehensive multi-stage QC process ensures consistent quality and high production yield.

  • Production Process Includes AOI, FPT, X-ray inspection, Conformal Coating.

  • Press-Fit connector Assembly including Design and manufacturing of press-fit connector assembly.

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man in blue jacket standing beside brown wooden post
man in blue jacket standing beside brown wooden post